12 thoughts on “Order nembutal oral solution

  1. HI!

    Do You deliver in Italy? Terms of delivery And payement.

    The Nembutal it’s really forse oral use (drinkable) or it’s for e natale use?

    Ho much it cost 2 x 100 ml?

    Awaiting your reply

    Best regards

  2. How much does it cost for 2 x 100ml bottles of injectable Nembutal for IV use, & how normal saline would be required to add to the Nembutal in order to it be effective as I know that you definitely just can’t inject the straight Nembutal as you wouldn’t receive enough of the dose and you’d just past out???


  3. i am in Australia and want to buy one lethal dose of Nembutral How do I order and what problems are there with customs? Fluid or powder?/

  4. I live in Los Angeles, Ca. I want high quality pure Nembutal 100 mg. 60 yrs old, 250 lbs. male. Can you recommend a veterinary pharmacy in Tijuana, Mexico? I want to die in my sleep, if possible. How many 100 mg pills will I need?

  5. Please help me. A recommendation from you to a reputable pharmacist. I’m seeking 100 mg pills of high quality pills for a 60 yr old male, 250 lbs.
    Thank you.
    Todd Ponaman

  6. Thank you and God bless. If you can recommend a reputable Pharmacist willing to fill my order without asking questions. I just want to get enough pills for euthanasia. I don’t want to take these pills and find myself awake and alive. The consequences will be devastating.

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